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We can give you total home control with ON CONTROLS and Lil Doggie you will never have to worry about the remote control again.  We can create you a remote that you can place on any of your mobile devices, then customize it just for you. You will never have to worry about setting up another remote control. It is IP based so there is no more IR restrictions to worry about plus it is cloud driven so it will be the last remote you will ever have to buy.

Please click the ON Controls icon for more information!

Design Phase 
Let us meet with you and plan out what you are wanting to do. Like with all services we work fully with the customer and create a plan that everyone will agree upon. Electrical to speaker and television layouts we will work with all budgets. 
Here is some photos of systems we have completed.

 Let us provide you with pricing on all you favorite brands and equipment, contact us for more information!

Just to name a few:

JBL * Nuvo * CasaTunes * Sonos * Niles * Samsung * Sony *Bose

We offer audio and video services for both the home and office we offer design, installation, and service. We work with a large number of distributors and can offer large range of items fit for your needs and budget!

We offer free consultations and demos.             


We're Louisiana's only certified ON CONTROLS dealer!

 Prices start as low as $499

With CasaTunes systems there is a stream available for each room. All the switching, volume control and equalization is performed digitally within the music server. To complete installation of a basic system, simply feed the pre-amplified outputs of the music server into a multi-channel amplifier, and then connect the amplified outputs to your speakers. You may use our powerful, yet highly energy-efficient multi-channel amplifiers, or choose your own.You can use our native Apps for Apple and Android® smart phones and tablets, or our browser App to control their multi-room music systems, CasaTunes also offers optional keypads, providing quick and easy access to your music. We can also add the system to fully intergrate with your custom home remote that we have created for you.  


CasaTunes is the ideal solution for homes with as few as 3 wired rooms, or as many as 24 rooms. If your home is not wired for speakers, you can use CasaTunes’ built-in wireless capability to add as many as 101 wireless speakers and devices, including AirPlay® speakers, AirPlay enabled AV Receivers, AppleTV® and Apple AirPort Express® devices. You can expand your existing wired system and add additional rooms by using a combination of both, wired and wireless speakers, and thanks to CasaTunes’ continuous synchronization, your wired and wireless speakers will be perfectly synchronized.


See the brouchure for more details, we will have more information coming to you shortly! 

We're Louisiana's 1st CasaTunes dealer!


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