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Who is Lil Doggie Automation & Security?


Lil Doggie Automation & Security LLC. was formed in 2014.  I am a US ARMY veteran that worked in oil & gas automation for 10+ years. I then decided to use my knowledge and skills in the residential & commercial side of automation. I was determined to find something that worked great and was user-friendly. I never found something worth presenting to my customers on the market. That is when I decided to create my brand of equipment, something that will give you all the features you expect with an easy to use interface that anyone can pick up and use.

  Let me help you enjoy the peace of mind that you will gain from automation and security. We give you many options to remotely control and monitor your home or business all from any web-based device. With no contracts and no monthly fees! 



We are fully licensed and insured for all work.

LA. F#2032  



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