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We offer a wide range of automation for your home or business. Let us work with you to build a system that will fit your needs and your budget.

Let us show you what automation can do for you!

Free Consultations! 

Free Demos!

Call us to schedule a working automation demo in your home or business today!

What is Automation?

Home automation may include mobile control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems whether home or away. This will provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security.

 Home or Business automation systems integrate electronic devices with each other in a way that will allow you to automate things you want to be controlled or checked on a regular basis. You can also have an action occur when a particular event takes place such as:


*An automated home coordinates security, temperatures, lighting, and audio/ video automatically for safety, energy savings, and convenience. 
*Automatically dimming lights and changing heating and cooling set points when you’re away from home can greatly reduce energy costs.
*Remote access lets you view security video on a laptop or Smartphone.
*Shut down air conditioners automatically in the event of a fire to prevent the spreading of smoke throughout the home.
*Go online to see your home security, temperature, light settings or view live surveillance video.
*Limit home or pool access with automation and security permissions you choose for
family members, the maid, or your lawn service.
*Inside and outside lights turn on in the event of a security alarm.
*Adding home automation can also increase the value of your home.


  These systems can provide a meaning to life for elderly or disabled persons who need an increased quality of life otherwise they may require caregivers or institutional care. Or peace of mind for that busy home/business owner so that they can always be aware of what is going on when they are on the go. 


Does your home work for itself!

Home automation has been around since the 1980's in all different forms. Today, 74.4% of all homes have internet access, There is also the popularity of smart phones and other mobile devices. So, why not update your home with automation today! Click below to learn more. 

What we offer?

We offer many different options in automation from complete design & install to small kits for those interested in automation systems. 


 Here are some examples of smart automation:

  • Notification of cooler or freezer failure via text or email

  • Remote checking and control of thermostats

  • Notification of water detection 

  • Remote control and monitoring of lights and appliances

  • So much more 

Why are we different?


We charge no monthly fees to view, control and monitor your home. Other systems on the market charge hundreds of dollars a year for services that we can give you for free!

ADT Pulse $3,300

Vivint   $3,000+

Verizon   $600

Lowe’s IRIS   $600

Schlage Nexia   $540



Sum total of monthly fees over a 5-year period.

Let us help you!

We can help clean your wall of all those unsightly switch's and save you money in the process! 

Working together we can cut down the amount of light switches needed to control your home. In return you will lessen the amount of wire needed for your home, which saves you on material and labor cost. 

New  Home Construction

Full new construction prices start at 1.00 psf!

This includes parts, set up and configuration.


Retrofit your home with basic automation starting at $299.99!

This includes parts, set up and configuration.



Here is just a few of our distributor partners!

No Contracts! 

No Monthly Service Fees!

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